Welcome to my homepage

My name is Detlef Brumbi (63 years) and I am living in a small town called Deggendorf in the south of Germany.
Deggendorf has a population of 35,000 and is situated at the brink of the national park “Bavarian Forest”. The river Danube is flowing through the town. Find some pictures in my gallery.
The distance to Munich is 120 km, to Prague 150 km and to Vienna 250 km.

I am working here since 2003 as a professor for electronics engineering at the  Deggendorf Institute of Technology.
I am teaching beginner students on basics of Electronics, Mathematics and Computer Science.
And I give special lectures on Packaging, Measurement Techniques, Radioactivity, High Frequency Techniques, Production Technology and Quality Assurance.
My scientific field is: Technical Electronics.

You can find a list of my publications (some in English, some in German) from my past work on radar level gauging and nuclear electronics here.

My main hobbies are:

If you like to write me an email (also in French or Portuguese):  mail@brumbi.de